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    Welcome to the Fonderie Fondalco website, a Quebec-based foundry highly specialized in aluminum casting.
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      Our expertise in sand moulding as well as aluminum and bronze casting is recognized throughout Quebec.
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      Fonderie Fondalco relies on a team of highly-qualified professionals who offer personalized cutting-edge service.
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      Since 1979, Fonderie Fondalco has specialized in aluminum and bronze casting with sand casting.
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    Trust our techniques. We are specialists in aluminum moulding.
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    • Foundry
      A bronze foundry, an aluminum foundry and an art foundry you can trust.
    • Pattern Makers
      For quality aluminum moulding, do business with our pattern-making service.
    • Turnkey projects
      Our moulding workshop can produce the aluminum mould you need.
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    • Aluminum
      We are also a manufacturer of aluminum plate.
    • Bronze
      Fonderie Fondalco: A Quebec foundry, specializing in bronze casting.
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Un spectromètre pour trouver les meilleurs alliages12/20/2013
Un spectromètre pour trouver les meilleurs alliagesFonderie Fondalco accueille un petit nouveau dans ses rangs : un spectromètre de masse.
02/ 1/2012
Welcome to our new virtual spaceFonderie Fondalco is pleased to welcome you to its recently updated website.
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