Fonderie Fondalco:

recognized techniques of aluminum and aluminum alloy melting

Thanks to its expertise in aluminum and aluminum alloy melting, Fonderie Fondalco is able to offer its customers a quick and efficient professional service, meeting and even surpassing the needs of the market.

Working in a constantly evolving field, Fonderie Fondalco remains at the cutting- edge of technology by using moulding techniques for aluminum parts, aluminum and aluminum alloy melting, allowing it to produce superior quality parts for its customers. The techniques for melting aluminum, melting aluminum alloys and bronze casting make Fonderie Fondalco a leader in the foundry sector in the province of Quebec.

Fonderie Fondalco is distinguished by its highly competitive prices, its personalized service and its turnkey offer. Its team of experts is attentive to the needs of its customers and develops a lasting business relationship with them.

Over the years, Fonderie Fondalco has built a solid reputation as a sand and aluminum foundry as well as in several manufacturing sectors. Thanks to its highly qualified personnel, cutting-edge equipment and its production capacity, which enables the casting of aluminum parts, weighing between 0.25 lb to 800 lbs and bronze parts from 0.25 lb to 700 lbs, the company is able to offer personalized service and products, respecting the quality criteria of its customers. Because it constantly invests in its equipment and techniques, this aluminum foundry, specializing in aluminum melting, aluminum casting and bronze casting, has the capacity to meet increasingly high performance demands, especially with respect to the casting of aluminum parts.

Because it is concerned about its future and its customers, Fonderie Fondalco obtained, in 2007, the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Un spectromètre pour trouver les meilleurs alliages12/20/2013
Un spectromètre pour trouver les meilleurs alliagesFonderie Fondalco accueille un petit nouveau dans ses rangs : un spectromètre de masse.
02/ 1/2012
Welcome to our new virtual spaceFonderie Fondalco is pleased to welcome you to its recently updated website.
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