The specialty of our foundry:

aluminum and bronze

Aluminum and bronze melt down is the speciality of the Fonderie Fondalco. You have a project to manufacture parts made of bronze or aluminum? Trust Fonderie Fondalco; it is committed to responding efficiently and optimally to your needs and requests. By offering a turnkey service, Fonderie Fondalco wants to realize your ideas, regardless of the project in aluminum or bronze foundry. The manufacturing of parts made of aluminum or bronze is no mystery to our foundry that employs a team of experts and has done business with the most important manufacturers of plastics, recreational products, transportation, street furniture and lighting.

In addition to manufacturing aluminum and bronze parts, Fonderie Fondalco offers services in machining, assembling, polishing, heat treatment and painting for all aluminum and bronze projects.


The machining service enables the attainment of great precision on aluminum and bronze pieces. This service also takes care of the drilling and tapping on the manufactured parts.


The assembling service for aluminum and bronze parts is done using screwing- down and welding techniques, according to the customer’s needs and type of assembling required.


Fonderie Fondalco offers a polishing service that surpasses everything offered on the market. Our experts can handle any piece of aluminum or bronze with particular care that makes all the difference. Trust us; you'll be amazed at the results!

Heat Treatment

Fonderie Fondalco goes far beyond aluminum and bronze casting by offering a heat treatment service to its customers. Doing business with Québec companies recognized in this field, it ensures the quality of work and the compliance with the customer’s requirements and budget throughout the entire process.

Painting Service

Fonderie Fondalco does business with professional firms that are renowned for the excellence of their painting service. In addition to verifying the quality of the work done, it makes sure that deadlines are respected as well as the requirements and budget of its clientele, and this, throughout the entire process.

Did you know that we also offer sand casting and aluminum as well as bronze parts casting for our regular customers? See our page on pattern making for more information.

Trust the Québec leader in the manufacturing of aluminum and bronze parts!

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