Solutions tailored

to aluminum and bronze casting

Fonderie Fondalco conducts an aluminum and bronze casting service as well as a pattern-making service, rapidly and effectively meeting the needs of its customers. Whether it is for casting aluminum or bronze parts, these services have allowed the company to be a leader in the foundry sector in Quebec.

For regular customers of the foundry, the aluminum and bronze casting service is provided by a very creative pattern maker that specializes in the design and manufacturing of aluminum moulds or others, and this, according to the specifications or drawings provided by our customers. Our moulding shop is equipped to meet the needs of our customers. In addition to our aluminum melting service, we offer, in our aluminum foundry shop, a modification and repair service for existing moulds. Made of wood, these moulds make it possible to produce very precise and diverse models that meet the highest customer requirements.

Trust us with your projects. Our aluminum foundry, with its pattern-making service, will meet your highest expectations.

* Please note that the activities in our bronze workshop are not oriented towards the production of bronze (piece of art).

Un spectromètre pour trouver les meilleurs alliages12/20/2013
Un spectromètre pour trouver les meilleurs alliagesFonderie Fondalco accueille un petit nouveau dans ses rangs : un spectromètre de masse.
02/ 1/2012
Welcome to our new virtual spaceFonderie Fondalco is pleased to welcome you to its recently updated website.
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