The leader

in aluminum and bronze casting

Our mission: develop a mutual relationship between you and our team of experts!

The mission of Fonderie Fondalco inc. is to be and remain a leader in the field of sand foundries for aluminum or bronze moulding of mass-produced parts or made-to-measure parts as well as in aluminum casting. Its development is focused upon a shared mutual relationship with its customers, based on transparency, honesty and the respect of commitments, together with a price-accuracy policy.

Fonderie Fondalco inc. is committed to always optimizing the production capabilities and skills of its qualified staff to deliver high value-added quality products to its customers.

We offer a turnkey project, going from the design of the matrix (from a technical drawing) right up to finishing (machining, assembly, polishing, heat treatment and painting). We are also an art foundry.

Fondalco Foundry has acquired an enviable expertise in aluminum and bronze casting. Casting of aluminum and bronze pieces is done using the sand-casting process. The production capacity allows casting pieces weighing between 0.25 lb to 800 lb of several different alloys. The ability to adapt to the changing needs of customers, respecting delivery dates and the development of a long-term business relationship are the strengths of this foundry. With high-efficient fusion equipment, the company is able to respond effectively to the sustained growth of its customers.

Our concern: meeting your needs while respecting the environment.

Fonderie Fondalco is deeply concerned about the environment. Its team makes sure that the standards of the ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs are respected.

In concrete terms, Fonderie Fondalco encourages:
  • using recycled materials, such as aluminum and bronze alloys, in the manufacturing of parts.
  • purchasing equipment powered by clean energy, such as electricity.
  • sending residual materials, such as cardboard and metal, to the recycling centre.
Un spectromètre pour trouver les meilleurs alliages12/20/2013
Un spectromètre pour trouver les meilleurs alliagesFonderie Fondalco accueille un petit nouveau dans ses rangs : un spectromètre de masse.
02/ 1/2012
Welcome to our new virtual spaceFonderie Fondalco is pleased to welcome you to its recently updated website.
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