Bronze and aluminum casting:

two specialties of Fonderie Fondalco

In its early days, the company, founded in 1979 by Mr. Robert Grenier, did not do bronze casting. It was only a modest undertaking, occupying the garage behind the family home. Its main activity was aluminum casting for local businesses. Mr. Grenier designed and manufactured the models of the parts he cast. Later his sons, Marc, Guy and Roch came to work with him.

In 1989, in view of the ever-growing demand from customers, particularly for bronze and aluminum moulding, he built a new plant in the industrial park of Plessisville. He took advantage of this new facility to purchase a furnace for bronze casting. In the mid 1990s, the owner sold his shares to his three sons.

In 1999, thanks to significant expansion, the production surface area doubled and several pieces of cutting-edge equipment were acquired. This reorganization tripled the production capacity. In 2006, Marc and Guy Grenier took charge of the company.

Today, Fonderie Fondalco is an important foundry in Quebec, specializing in aluminum plate casting and bronze casting.

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