An efficient and well-performing bronze foundry

Are you looking for a bronze foundry, capable of realizing your projects in bronze casting or moulding? Look no further! Fonderie Fondalco, a company specializing in casting bronze, is the leader in this market. Indeed, it has all the necessary resources to satisfy your needs, and this, in detail. Our solutions are complete, integrated and adapted.

Many companies, particularly in the mining and pulp and paper sectors, call upon our exceptional expertise when requiring services for casting parts in aluminum and bronze or an alloy of these two metals. We are masters in casting bushings, used in mechanics for metal bearings. Our customers in the agricultural sector also profit from our skills in casting and moulding bronze. We are able to provide them all with the parts made of aluminum, bronze or an alloy of aluminum and bronze required for their electrical equipment.

Our bronze foundry, specializing in customized orders, is also known for its ability to meet needs in the fabrication of bronze commemorative plaques.

Our bronze foundry situated in the province of Quebec has modern and functional facilities through which we can perform the casting and moulding of bronze, which requires a great deal of precision. Our bronze plaques and all other products that we make weigh between 2 lb. and 600 lbs.

Tell us about your project. We are convinced that our products will be compliant, if not superior, with the quality standards of your industry.

* Please note that our activities are not oriented towards the production of bronze (piece of art).

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